Tree Removal

Download the Tree Removal Request Form (06/19) in Adobe PDF Format.

The residents of Windjammer village have the luxury and privilege of living in a community with many trees. We must conserve and protect our trees to continue enjoying the benefits provided by this resource. These include:

  1. Trap airborne particulate pollutants
  2. Absorb Carbon Dioxide and replenish Oxygen
  3. Reduce air conditioning costs by up to 30%
  4. Absorb surface water and reduce runoff
  5. Reduce soil erosion
  6. Provide habitat for wildlife
  7. Reduce noise pollution
  8. Increase property values

The Board of Directors has been charged with maintaining this conservation effort. To that end, the Board has established these guidelines:

    1. Trees 4 inches or less in diameter, measured at a height of 3 feet, on private property, may be removed at the owner’s discretion.
    2. Trees within 3 feet of a home, approved, or proposed structure may be removed with Board approval.
    3. Trees within a proposed driveway or parking area may be removed with Board approval.
    4. Dead, severely diseased, severely damaged, or otherwise hazardous trees may be removed with Board approval (the severity of these problems and removal of such trees is subject to the discretion of the Board).

Other tree problems such as overhanging a structure, touching a structure, or disrupting driveways and foundations, can be remedied through pruning of branches and roots. The messiness of sweet gums or other varieties is not grounds for removal. Managing a tree’s growth is almost always cheaper than removal and preserves the benefits for the owner and community. (The SC Forestry Commission provided many of the ideas for this article.)

Tree Resources:

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