Guidelines for Realtors

Maintaining a good relationship between the Real Estate Brokers of South Carolina and Windjammer Village is mutually advantageous to both parties. Brokers are able to ply their trade and earn a living. The property values in the Village will increase with good representation. In order to nurture this relationship, brokers must adhere to the following guidelines. Failure to comply will result in the Village discontinuing the issuance of gate entry codes to all members of the offending real estate firm. Realtors who live in the Village are also bound by these guidelines. Their failure to comply will result in fines being levied:

  • Windjammer Village is a gated community. A realtor, who brings clients into the Village, must accompany them at all times. This includes all clients admitted to the Village for an open house. Clients are not allowed to roam the Village at will.
  • Real estate agents must use their assigned entry code to gain access to the Village. This code is confidential and must not be given to clients.
  • Real Estate agents are liable for their actions and the actions of their clients while in the Village.
  • No signage of any type is allowed within the Village or on its common properties, This includes the parcel along Rt. 179. Balloons are considered signage.

Adopted: October 15, 2007 by the Board of Directors

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