Significant Events in Windjammer History:

01/26/73 Land Harbors of America Campground initial price list published by Carolina Caribbean
05/07/73 Carolina Caribbean published Campsite Restrictions
12/09/74 Land Harbors POA (controlled by Carolina Caribbean) began
09/30/76 Carolina Caribbean had sold 113 lots
10/02/76 Windjammer Village, Inc. (controlled by Burroughs, Jerson, Benton & Price) assumed ownership
07/02/77 Land Harbors POA disbanded
07/02/77 Windjammer Village, Inc. POA began
10/06/77 Windjammer Village of Little River, SC Property Owners’ Association incorporated
12/12/77 Windjammer Village, Inc. recorded restrictions
04/01/78 Waiver of Rights recorded
12/19/78 Since 7/2/77 32 homes built, 3 under construction
01/08/79 Square footage of houses addendum to restrictions recorded
03/01/80 North Carolina National Bank (NCNB) took over following foreclosure
05/05/80 MAR, Inc. (subsidiary of NBNC) took title under bankruptcy foreclosure
07/12/80 First Windjammer Village of Little River, SC POA Board established
03/06/81 MAR, Inc. (subsidiary of NBNC) published a property report for prospects
12/31/81 MAR, Inc. turned over water system to Little River Water & Sewerage Co.
03/82 Big Landing easement between MAR and Vereen heirs
10/20/87 Horry County zoned entire Village R-7 (Residential 7 units per acre)
04/11/92 Restrictions/Rules/Regulations revisions published
07/09/92 Utility easement granted to SC Public Service Authority
04/16/96 Second Big Landing easement recorded (with Intracoastal Properties)
01/30/97 First revision of covenants recorded – allowing fining
01/31/98 Restrictions/Rules/Regulations revisions published
03/12/98 Third Big Landing easement recorded (with Intracoastal Properties)
05/15/04 Gate system installed
03/06 Front entrance updated (new sign, landscaping, etc.)
05/07 Both pools refurbished
03/08 Bathrooms remodeled
06/08 Permanent Clubhouse/Pool Access Cards Issued
06/13 Mailboxes Renovated

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