Fence Guidelines

Approved by BOD on 3.21.2012 (minor typo changes made on 4.21.2012)

According to our rules, fences are permitted in WV if they are approved by the BOD. In order to make this process more orderly, the BOD has initiated some guidelines for new fences.

Fencing can detract from the open character of WV property and may have both a visual and physical impact on adjoining property. Careful consideration must be given to the fencing concept and execution. Whenever possible, alternatives to hard fencing are recommended, such as landscaping and combinations of fencing and landscaping or fencing hidden by plantings. In WV, open type fencing is preferred. Privacy can be obtained with shrubbery or small sections of fencing in combination with shrubbery.

    Types of fencing:

  1. Metal fence constructed of steel or aluminum made to look like wrought iron. A dark, factory applied, color is preferred.
  2. PVC fences will be considered for approval.
  3. Wood fences will be considered for approval, but fence must be natural color or stained brown.
  4. Privacy type fences will be considered for approval.
  5. Other types of fencing may be submitted for approval.
    Location of fencing:

  1. Fencing and posts must be entirely within the owner’s property lines and clear of road setbacks and easements.
  2. Recommend that fences and posts must not be more than 4’ high but other heights may be submitted for approval.
  3. All fencing must be on sides and/or rear of property. No fencing will be approved from the front corners of the house toward the street or across the front of the house.
    Procedure for fence application:

  1. Complete a “project application” form, available at the WV office or on line.
  2. Description of fence type, with pictures or catalog cuts.
  3. Sketch of your plot plan showing house and location of fence and gates. Note dimensions for each section of fence.
  4. The Architectural Committee will review the application, and advise if any additional information required. The application will then be presented to the BOD for approval of the type, color and location of fence.
  5. Approval of the BOD is subject to the homeowner locating all required property stakes and marking the property lines with string. All stakes must be located. We have to be certain that the fence will be entirely on your property.
  6. After the Architectural Committee approves the marking of the property lines you will receive the final approval letter from WV to install the fence. You have 4 months from the approval date to complete the installation.

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