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August update…

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Finally ! we are seeing the early stages of construction on our community pier project . As you know , previous monthly updates have explained the challenges and setbacks we have experienced over the last 18 months , that lead us to this point . On June 11 , 2016 , Windjammer Village entered to a contract with Brunswick Dredge and Dock to remove the old pier , and build a new pier based on engineering drawings .
       The new pier will consist of more square footage of deck , it will have an 18×24′ metal Hip roof over a section of the pier , the pier will extend 21′ further into the Intracoastal Waterway , the height of the pier will be 1′ higher than the old , there will be an additional floating dock and ramp installed on the east end of the new pier head and the existing floating dock will be repaired which includes piling replacement . Stainless steel screws will be used on decking .
        Construction actually started on July 11,2016 . We were told that progress would be slow the first couple of weeks , but once the necessary equipment and material was on site , progress would be more noticeable . As of August 16,2016 , the following construction activities have occurred :
    * 80 % of demo is complete
    * 7/28/16  (40) pilings delivered
    * (22) pilings were set
    * 8/15/16 most of the material for cross bracing and girders delivered
    * 8/16/16 the barge arrived on site
    * started girder installation
                                                                    THANK YOU, THINGS ARE LOOKING UP
                                                                                                                                                 JIM HENNESSY


July Update…

As everyone is saying….


After a very long, time-consuming, and hard fought battle…THE PIER REPLACEMENT HAS BEGUN!  We are all excited to see progress being made on the pier.

Keep checking back for more pictures!

As written in the latest pier update from Jim Hennessey:
-On June 4, WJV and Brunswick dredge & dock entered into an agreement to replace our community pier. Bob Galanti, owner and Joel Klass, site foreman.
-The bid came in under the $92,000 that was allocated for pier replacement in 2015.
-A decision was made to use round 8” pilings instead of 6”x 6” square pilings. Due to an upcharge of $5,600 for the round pilings, a decision was made to remove the hip roof from the scope of work because it put the project over budget. However, the hip roof will still be constructed using funds from the 2016-17 budget.
-On June 30, the county issued the permit to the builder.
-On July 11, equipment will be staged. -The contractor anticipates a 4-6 week build time.
-The boat ramp will be closed at times. Boat ramp access depends on various stages of construction.

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